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WHAT: BuYu Camp 2013 is a gathering of training groups, students, teachers, and interested persons who practice the martial art of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi: Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. 

Many Shidoshi instructors from around the country—and often from around the world—participate and teach!  The weekend is led by Jack Hoban. The Camp sponsors general training sessions and a variety of breakout workshops.  There are opportunities to buy and sell training equipment and exchange information; but, the BuYu Camp is mostly  about training.

See pictures from past years hereon our Buyu Facebook page!

WHEN: The camp starts at 6:00 pm on Friday June 21, with a welcome training session and follows the training schedule. The camp is officially over at 5:00 pm on Sunday June 23. 


Friday:       1700 - 1800  
Saturday:   0800 - 1700  (Store opens 0900)
Sunday:     0830 - 1400  (Store opens 0930)

Feel free to bring t-shirts, books, videos, training gear (no real weapons!!!), etc. to sell or trade.

WHERE: The camp is held at the Marin Headlands Institute in the Golden Gate National Recreation area, which is near the Marin anchorage of the Golden Gate Bridge (Map).  The camp is near Fort Cronkhite, on Rodeo Beach.  If you are heading north on #101, take the Alexander Avenue exit, stay to the right and merge on to Alexander Avenue and then take the first left. Go straight to the tunnel entrance, go through the tunnel (with green light) continue on the main road, Bunker Road, follow the signs to Rodeo Beach and Fort Cronkhite, after taking a small bridge take the left fork.  The Institute is on the right. If you are coming south on #101, take the last exit before the Golden Gate Bridge marked “Sausalito,” make a right turn at the stop sign and go under the highway, continue to the second stop sign, go 50 yards and take the first left marked “Marin Headlands” proceed to the tunnel.  There is a map and other information on the camp website.

BRING: Non-metal training gear, hanbo, bokken, bo, kusari-fundo, etc.  A water bottle and sun screen are recommended.  All training is outdoors, so please wear a martial arts gi or appropriate easy-to-move-in clothes and footwear.  Cameras are permitted; ask the individual instructors for permission to take pictures at the clinics

DO NOT BRING: Anything illegal.  Video or movie equipment is prohibited, no guns or edged weapons, alcohol or non-prescription drugs.

SCHEDULE: The latest schedule is posted on the Camp web site.  There will be a meeting and training Friday evening.  On Saturday and Sunday there will be a group training and meeting in the morning, then a break for lunch and various clinics given by individual instructors in the afternoon; you pick the class you want. There will a group meeting at the end of the event.

PROBLEMS:  There will be first aid equipment at the camp and if you have special medical concerns please advise the staff.  There will be a cell phone at the camp: 916-780-0530.