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Links to Bujinkan-related websites world-wide. Have a website that's not on the list? Let's share links!

Warrior Creed
What does it take to be a warrior? See what Robert L. Humphrey, Marine Rifle Platoon Commander on Iwo Jima and honorary Bujinkan Dojo 10th degree blackbelt had to say.

Ninja Kids!
What are Ninja really all about? Find out here. Fun and info for all ages

Virtual Bookstore
Created in association with, the WIN bookstore features books and videos of interest, including the 100 most popular martial arts books. See what we are reading! Recently Updated!

Bujinkan Source
Want to know more about the Grand Masters of the Ninja Arts and what they have had to say?

Living Values Homepage
Jack Hoban's Homepage with seminar information, photos, philosophy articles, and more.
The official Bujinkan website.

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Ask about a place to train in the Bujinkan, announce a place to train in the Bujinkan, announce a Bujinkan seminar and view other posted messages. Good luck in your training!

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