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Hatsumi Papal Award

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Hatsumi Sensei Wins Papal Award

Masaaki Hatsumi has become the first budoka in history to be awarded an
Apostolic Blessing by the Vatican.  The certificate, which arrived in Japan
in May 2001, bears a painting of Pope John Paul and states the following:

Sua Santita' Giovanni Paolo II
Di cuore imparte
l'Apostolica Benedizione
Hatsumi Masaaki
Come pegno di grazie e favori celesti

It translates into English as the following:

His Holiness Giovanni Paolo II
Heartily Bestows
The Apostolic Blessing
Hatsumi Masaaki
As a Token of Celestial Graces and Favors

The blessing can be viewed as an affirmation of the good that Hatsumi-sensei
has brought to the world through his teachings and travels.